Sunday, February 20, 2011

Playing is a beautiful way to learn new things!

Let's take a moment and think of you when you were a child. Do you remember how quickly you learned new things? Why is that? Why you could do that in your childhood and now you can't do it so powerful? I'll tell you: because the opening to play of the child is closed for you. But isn't dead, is still there, you need only to awake it!

Like everyone else, you're wondering: how can a child do things without loosing the sense of playing? That is simpler than you believe: transform his subject into a game! Yes, the children are opened to games, they have a fresh view on this world, a view that you miss now, in adulthood. Why not stimulate and develop in your child this sense of playing, even in the hard subjects of school? Let's take a hard one: math.

You'll say: yes, math, numbers, letters like in that ugly algebra, etc. And I'll say (because I'm doing professional mathematics for a long time): no, a big NO, math isn't numbers, math isn't calculus, math is IDEAS. Yes, ideas, intuition works in math like in other areas, in fact, intuition is the first one on the list when you want to do math, business, film, or other domains. You can't live even in day by day life without intuition, because you have to see through things, right to the essence, and to solve everyday life problems. So, the question is: do you like that your child will become in time a stressed worker, a stressed family guy with money problems, and all that things that you know from your own experience? Or you would like to see your children growing up with a large amount of independence, creativity, intuition to solve all kind of life problems? You know the question, and now you have to find your own answers, to open your eyes.

Personally, i found that becoming more intuitive in mathematics, you have to play more games:) Yes indeed: games, card games, number games (why to freak out about numbers, make a game and you'll love numbers), puzzles, etc. You can find in your bookshop, near you, that kind of games, you can find online, you only have to search a little and you'll find what you need for your child.

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I found myself a solution on the net, and i want to share it with you: printable math games. You don't need to buy this game or that game from bookshop, you have all you need in a single package, you only need to print the games. Here is the link:

Math Board Games

You'll find there a lot of things:
- True or False Mini Mouse Multiplication Game to practice multiplication;
- Smiley Board Game - a counting strategy game;
- Rows and Columns Board Game to test skills in strategic thinking;
- Monster Symmetry Game Sheet to develop the concept of symmetry;
- Tic Tac Toe Game Sheet gives 3 new versions of an old favorite;
- 30 Bingo Cards (enough for a whole class) ready for Addition Bingo, Subtraction Bingo, Division Bingo and Fraction Bingo. Includes a facts calling sheet so you're ready to go;
- Fraction Dominoes Cards - make recognizing fractions fun, fun, fun!;

and many, many other games for developing your child the ability to think for himself and to maintain his sense of playing everyday.

So, ask yourself: why to spend money on a lot of single math games when you can very easy have a lot of games just for printing. It's a very interesting opportunity, your child will be amazed on how things can be done very easy in math, without having to make so much effort.

To see all the games, don't waste your time, take a look here:

Math Board Games


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