Friday, March 4, 2011

Profit Bank - A BIG TIME SCAM!!

Profit Bank Scam
I’m not a naive person, I’ve just said to myself to try one of those so-called “automated click –and-earn-money” programs and see if that actually works. In consequence, I’ve bought Profit Bank Software, produced by Mack Michaels and the conclusion was: a really big time scam!!

So, let’s start and see why is Profit Bank a scam:

1. Profit Bank software doesn’t generate real traffic!

The first thing that Mack Michaels (the owner of Profit Bank) is saying to you is that you’ll be making sales over night with his program. Everyone knows that for generating sales, you must have traffic in the first place. Well, this software doesn’t generate real traffic: in two weeks, it generated for me only 2 visits for my link set-up with the software!! I’ve done much much better with my own affiliate campaigns (in two weeks I was able to generate over 100 visits for my main affiliate links, without using a software like Profit Bank, only simple techniques). So, Profit Bank can’t generate traffic for the link that provides for you!

2. Profit Bank doesn’t generate sales!

Another big lie that Mack Michaels sells you is that you’ll be making sales over night. This is not true even in two weeks. Because obviously: the soft doesn’t generate traffic implies that you can not make any sale. I can now say it to hear everyone: Mack Michaels LIES about the sales, and He Lies Big Time!

3. They don’t give you valuable information about promoting your link

After I’ve bought the program and I’ve logged in, Mack Michaels only said that he and his associates will promote my set-up link on sites with great visibility, and I’ll make a lot of sales because of that. But they didn’t give any depth information about the promoting strategies, about your link visibility and about their methods of increasing traffic. Much more, they invite you to make online marketing with Profit Bank, and this is in contradiction with what they said before my buying, that the marketing will not be necessary. They invite you to do what the software was assumed to do. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a hard worker, but when you say a software does something, and you sell it to me, I expect that the software makes what you said before I bought it.

Remember, this is a scam technique: when someone baits you to buy a product saying that he’ll promote you on a great traffic generator sites and after buying he doesn’t give any relevant and in depth information about how he’ll gonna promote you, that means that his product is a SCAM! In marketing terms, Mack Michaels only does this thing: he uses the intention and the need of the potential customer who searches a method to make money online, he baits him and he doesn’t offer any real promoting!

Should I say more?
BIG TIME SCAM is the real description for Profit Bank of Mack Michaels!

4. The ugly technique of this scammer Mack Michaels

He acts like a friendly dog – he’s playing with you when you’re buying Profit Bank, he gains your trust and then, when you’re on the sales page of his software, before you’re making the purchase, he tries to sell a membership of his site: Maverick Money Mackers. And he does that with aggressiveness, on two-three sales pages before purchasing.

Be aware: when someone gains the trust of a potential customer and then use that for aggressively selling another products of him, it’s clear that this is a scam! A real marketer is natural when he tries to sell something, he doesn’t force you to do anything. To gain someones trust is ok, but then to sell a product that doesn’t work (like is doing Mack Michaels) is simply called a SCAM!

5. Conclusions

-Profit Bank Software doesn’t deliver any valuable traffic for the link that you’ve set up with this program; you don’t have traffic, you don’t have sales – is that simple!

-Mack Michaels, the owner of Profit Bank software, use aggressive techniques to stimulate people buying a membership to another project, while he’s selling you Profit Bank; this is not a real marketing technique, it’s a method to make you pay for something that doesn’t really work!

So, only three words about Profit Bank Software: BIG TIME SCAM!!!

If you really want to make money working from home, try a free to sign up freelancing program. Yes, it’s about really working for the money, but this is the method in any business: you work hard, you earn money. There is no such thing like “one-click software”. For a real working from home opportunity, see my review here: Freelancing opportunity

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How To Be a Real Freelancer - Freelancing Opportunity


Working as a freelancer is one of the most important opportunities that internet offers. It’s a source of real money earnings, and you don’t have to pay nothing to sign up. In this review I’ll present you one of the real freelancing sites – it’s a free registering site, you don’t have to pay any money to work.

So, let’s see closely what is all about:

1.My experience with This Freelancing Site
I work on this freelancer site and I’ve won my first project in less than one week. They pay very well and fast and you’re really working from the comfort of your home.
So, let’s see what kind of jobs you can find here as a freelancer:

-> Data entry jobs (my first project was about a data entry subject: I had just to categories some social media messages, and all was simple);

-> Data processing jobs;

-> Article writing jobs (and blog content writing jobs) – the employers pay very well here for a good article writer;

-> Programming jobs (very well paid);

-> Web design jobs (Flash, 3D Animations, 3D Modeling, etc);

and many many other jobs. Remember, is not a paid registering, it’s free to join, so give it a try (click the banner below):

Freelance Jobs

2.How does it work
The process of finding and getting a job on this freelancing site is very simple: almost all the jobs are project-based. Than means that the employers post a project and you’ll have to bid (to bid means on this site to make an offer as a freelancer on how much you want to earn). So, bidding means that you simply have to specify:

- How much you want to be paid for the project, if you’re employed on this project;

- In what time do you consider you can finish this project.

3.Very important advices
If you’re at the beginning, to win a project is simple if you follow what I say. I was a beginner too, so I know what works and what doesn’t. So, when you place a bid and the employer says he can pay you 30$-250$ on a very simple project, choose to bid 30$. Why? Because you’re a beginner as a freelancer and you don’t have employer's reviews and it’s hard to win a bid if you want to be paid 250$ on a simple project as a beginner. But when you’ll be paid for your first project and you’ll have your first review, than you can bid with a higher price, because you’ll be very well seen. So it’s important to win your first project. I know that because employers are hunting the experienced and well workers, and for the beginners, they want cheaper people. Is that simple. Than, after your first bid won there, you’ll be good enough to earn more and more money. To be hired on a project means that the employer selected you as the winner of the bidding. You’ll have then to finish the project in the time you specified in the bidding.

When you bid on your first project, say something like: “I’ll do gladly your job, please check PM”; or “I work well and fast, please check PM”; after that, you need to send a PM (post message) to the employer and to recommend yourself like that: “I’m new here, but I’ll do for sure your job”, and if you have a portfolio or a sample of your articles/reviews (for article writing), give the employer in the PM a link to your work. This little CV is very important, and if you don’t have that, just write like I said: “I’m new here, but I’ll do for sure your job” and add something to qualify you for the job you want to win. I won my first project without a little CV, so it’s possible for you too. And don’t forget to make sure that you can finish well your project in the time that you specified in your bid. Is very important to deliver good work, like in real life, otherwise you’ll have a bad review from the employer and you’ll not win anymore another project. So, just be serious with the work and you’ll earn real money in short time and you’ll get good reviews after you’ll finish the projects. And don't forget to apply on much projects as you can, to win more projects and to earn more money!

Don’t waste your time, join for free and give it a try (click the banner below):

Freelance Jobs

4. Advantages
a) It’s free to join (once you’ve joined This Freelancing Site, you can start bidding on projects and earn money);

b) You can withdraw your money quickly (through paypal/moneybookers/wire transfer/freelancer debit card). I’ve chosen for my payments paypal, they paid fast and without problems;

c) You can find many many jobs there, in many fields of interest;

d) You can earn real money, with real work at home jobs there;

e) You can have your own hours for working; no boss pressure, no headaches;

f) You can use in your CV the projects finished there, because this are the so-called project-based jobs; so, it’s a place where you can construct a very powerful CV;

and many other advantages that you’ll discover when you’ll sign up there.

So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try, Sign Up For Free

Freelance Jobs

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Playing is a beautiful way to learn new things!

Let's take a moment and think of you when you were a child. Do you remember how quickly you learned new things? Why is that? Why you could do that in your childhood and now you can't do it so powerful? I'll tell you: because the opening to play of the child is closed for you. But isn't dead, is still there, you need only to awake it!

Like everyone else, you're wondering: how can a child do things without loosing the sense of playing? That is simpler than you believe: transform his subject into a game! Yes, the children are opened to games, they have a fresh view on this world, a view that you miss now, in adulthood. Why not stimulate and develop in your child this sense of playing, even in the hard subjects of school? Let's take a hard one: math.

You'll say: yes, math, numbers, letters like in that ugly algebra, etc. And I'll say (because I'm doing professional mathematics for a long time): no, a big NO, math isn't numbers, math isn't calculus, math is IDEAS. Yes, ideas, intuition works in math like in other areas, in fact, intuition is the first one on the list when you want to do math, business, film, or other domains. You can't live even in day by day life without intuition, because you have to see through things, right to the essence, and to solve everyday life problems. So, the question is: do you like that your child will become in time a stressed worker, a stressed family guy with money problems, and all that things that you know from your own experience? Or you would like to see your children growing up with a large amount of independence, creativity, intuition to solve all kind of life problems? You know the question, and now you have to find your own answers, to open your eyes.

Personally, i found that becoming more intuitive in mathematics, you have to play more games:) Yes indeed: games, card games, number games (why to freak out about numbers, make a game and you'll love numbers), puzzles, etc. You can find in your bookshop, near you, that kind of games, you can find online, you only have to search a little and you'll find what you need for your child.

Freelance Jobs

I found myself a solution on the net, and i want to share it with you: printable math games. You don't need to buy this game or that game from bookshop, you have all you need in a single package, you only need to print the games. Here is the link:

Math Board Games

You'll find there a lot of things:
- True or False Mini Mouse Multiplication Game to practice multiplication;
- Smiley Board Game - a counting strategy game;
- Rows and Columns Board Game to test skills in strategic thinking;
- Monster Symmetry Game Sheet to develop the concept of symmetry;
- Tic Tac Toe Game Sheet gives 3 new versions of an old favorite;
- 30 Bingo Cards (enough for a whole class) ready for Addition Bingo, Subtraction Bingo, Division Bingo and Fraction Bingo. Includes a facts calling sheet so you're ready to go;
- Fraction Dominoes Cards - make recognizing fractions fun, fun, fun!;

and many, many other games for developing your child the ability to think for himself and to maintain his sense of playing everyday.

So, ask yourself: why to spend money on a lot of single math games when you can very easy have a lot of games just for printing. It's a very interesting opportunity, your child will be amazed on how things can be done very easy in math, without having to make so much effort.

To see all the games, don't waste your time, take a look here:

Math Board Games